What the fuss?

NoFussFramework started a side project and is currently used by Webedia (France). You can read more about the philosophy in the documentation.

The php framework for web developers

You are not an "artisan", you know how to develop.
You want a framework that allows do what you want, the way you want, without having to dive deep into code spread into 200 folders, using 10 configuration files?
You're at the right place :)

Real world applications delivered really fast

Focus on your application, not on configuration. The most useful code you will write is in the core of your application, nobody knows what you want to achieve and should tell you how to do it.
Using a complex framework, and extending it anyway you can, will turn into a disaster ("citation needed").

A little benchmark: NoFussFramework VS Laravel VS Symfony

Preliminary notes:
  • The server is running mod_php and has apc/opcache enabled
  • NoFuss is using Smarty in this example, with the default setup
  • Laravel uses Blade with memcache as the session handler
  • Symfony is running in production mode and uses Twig.
The graph shows the mean milliseconds per request with 10 users for 2000 requests.
The benchmark is a simple hello world on a rather small server (ProLiant DL120 G5, lol!).
You will get faster results on a good server on every benchmark.

Ready ?

Read the documentation and start coding :)